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Humanities Bookstore | ProvPrep

Humanities 2018-19 Bookstore

Our Humanities focus for 2018-19 at Providence Prep is Antiquity—from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome.


Our day at Providence Prep begins with a community Conventio et Recitatio – gather and recite. During this time, we teach students to chant a timeline of history from Creation to the present, complete with hand motions. By the end of the school year, students can recite major events and personalities covering the sweep of history from Creation to Modern America.

Veritas Press History Cards Set of 5

The chant is based mainly on timeline cards from Veritas Press, although we have made several additions and omissions. We provide families with a chant sheet which includes motions, so students can practice the chant at home. We even have some videos made by one of our families.

The Veritas cards are an optional purchase for families who wish to have them at home. The front of the card has the title of the event or the name of the person(s). The back has the date and a short description of the event or person(s) being considered, and a list of resources and helps for further study. Often available used on homeschool swap boards – you can usually get a good deal; sometimes they are even laminated for you!

BOOK OF CENTURIESA blank timeline book for students to record the major events and people they encounter in their study of history, literature, science, art, and music. Book of Centuries is a required purchase for Humanities I and II, and highly recommended for use at home for Humanities for Grammar. 

Registered families will have the opportunity to purchase this as part of the discounted group order from Cottage Press in the summer.

COTTAGE PRESS PICTURE STUDY PDFS – Free downloadable PDFs containing the pictures we will study for this year, along with brief biographical notes on each artist. Each Providence Prep family will be provided a complete set of prints at the beginning of the school year for use at home. A schedule of the art works will be available on the Picture & Composer Study class page. Links here are provided for your convenience only. Visit Cottage Press Picture Study for the complete listing of available artists. (Whistler and Holbein links are coming soon!)

Books and Materials by Level